Handy safe

for a class free from mobile phones

The new handy safe from Handylocker ensures an optimal learning environment, free from the distraction of the unauthorised use of smartphones during lessons.The pupils can concentrate better when smartphones have been put away securely in the smartphone box.

Every pupil today owns a mobile phone. Furthermore, many schools offer free WLAN access for their pupils. What, on the one hand, represents an extra advantage, on the other hand leads to problems: many teachers despise the constant interruptions of their lessons caused by the unauthorised use of mobile phones.

Handylocker provides the optimal solution for a class free from mobile phones: the innovative handy safe enables the convenient and neat storage categorisation (quantified subjects) of up to 28 mobile phones in a safe and stylish environment.

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A class free from the distractions of mobile phones
Concentration levels are increased, since the pupils absolutely cannot glance at their phones every once in a while
Our handy safe provides optimal protection against loss, damage and theft
Electronic shutdown via RFID chips with the registration of up to 15 keys.
Separated, quantified rows for the clear assignment of each pupil's smartphone
Modern design with customised solutions
Simple programming
Simple and fast assembly

During class...never will be again on...