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Wireless Charging

wireless charging solutions with the worldwide standard Qi

Qivolino Smart Wireless Charging Table, Charging Station Qi1001, Cover Kit Qi1001, Wood Pad, Qi Pad, Qi Receiver Qi2001, iPhone 5 & 5s Charging Case

QInside wireless charging solutions, lead by the global standard Qi, brings a completely new dimension of technical comfort. Thanks to Qi technology, wireless charging is no longer just a dream for the future. You can forget about all those various chargers and that cable spaghetti and charge your phone on our NEW Qivolino wireless charging table with integrated Qi1001 Charging Station and on our charge pads! Use Qi case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, 5c or our Qi compatible Receiver Qi2001 in the form of a practical key ring for iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and all Micro-USB phones.

NEW: Qivolino - First Smart Wireless Charging Table


with embedded wireless charging and autonomous energy supply

Qivolino is the first Wireless Charging Table with an autonomous integrated energy supply - all without external power connection! Secure customers' loyalty and increase your sales! Your guests enjoy unlimited charging capacity! 

Charging Station Qi1001 built in to furniture

The advanced Charging Station Qi1001 from QInside can be invisibly integrated into new furniture or easily built in to existing furnishings. The universal qi Charging Station enables cablefree charging for all Qi-compatible cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, cameras and other electronic devices with a wireless power transfer of up to 5 watts.


Place your phone on the table and let it charge!

Charging solution for non qi enabled phones 

iPhone and other incompatible cell phones with the standard Micro-USB connection can be made qi compatible thanks to our Qi Receiver Qi2001 - iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3 and all phones with micro-usb port - in the form of a small key ring and our Charging case for iPhone, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Simply plug the Qi Receiver Qi2001 into the iPhone 3, 4, 4s and other otherwise incompatible device with micro-usb port and drop them on the Qi Charging table to start the charging. Our Charging case for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c is even more comfortable for individual use - 2 in one: qi compatible and protective.



Customize your charging pad with an individual form!

We will happily personalise your charge pads, Qi Receiver Qi2001 and our Charging case for iPhone 5 with your company’s logo, giving your QInside Wireless Charging product that personal touch.


Applications, Customers

Charging stations invisible built into furniture all over the world

  • airports, airport lounges, airport arrival and departure halls
  • hotels, hotel lounges, bars, cafes - coffee tables, restaurants, fast food chains
  • offices, conference rooms, seminar rooms
  • universities and libraries: assembly halls, lecture rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria, public areas, on campus
  • public transport, eg. in trains and buses
  • simply at home: in the living room, kitchen or office

...the potential uses for furniture integrated charging stations are almost endless.


Advantages at a glance

  • Wireless charging at any time and any place
  • Universal Qi Wireless Charging Standard: every Qi device is compatible with every Qi Charging Station
  • Constantly more devices join the Qi Wireless Charging Standard
  • iPhones and otherwise incompatible devices easily incorporated thanks to Micro-USB Qi compatible key ring or iPhone 5 case
  • Speed: same charging times as with traditional power cables
  • Wireless energy transfer of up to 5 watts 
  • Simply Plug & Play
  • No specialised knowledge required

  • Bars, Lounges, Pubs

  • Tourist sector

  • Public areas

  • Hotels, Hotel Areas

  • Simply at home

  • Conference rooms

  • Social Meeting Points

  • Libraries - Universities

  • Business: offices

  • Public transport




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