The Rise of Wireless Charging Stations

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The Rise of Wireless Charging Stations

If you have recently visited a furniture design exhibition you may have noticed that some kitchens and dining tables come with a built-in charging station for smartphones and other devices. According to Frank Frisert, Marketing Advisor for Qinside, wires and plugs are soon to become a thing of the past.

Technology firm, Qinside, plans to come up with a new and improved version of its Qi1001 Wireless Power Transmitter. At the moment, most charging stations require that phones be placed exactly in the correct position at the charging point; with the newer version Qinside states that it may even be possible to charge your phone from a distance.

At the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) in America wireless recharging has moved on to kitchen appliances. In theory this is nothing new, claims Frishert, but up until now not much has been done with this kind of technology. However, this is all about to change and Qinside predicts an increase in their future sales.

“This is due to a dispute between three different wireless protocols having recently been resolved”. Now that the German car industry and Samsung have chosen to employ Qi protocols in their systems, wireless charging is starting to become increasingly popular among consumers.

What makes Qinside so unique is that their charging stations can be physically customized to blend in seamlessly with any kind of surface, with the exception of metal. This novel approach to camouflaging their devices with their surroundings has meant that Qinside has been granted several patents.

Enthusiastic kitchen retailers

At the most recent kitchen exhibition in Germany retailers were excited about Qinside’s wireless charging stations. Once this technology enters public awareness it could be an added feature for any kitchen designer that wants to distinguish their products from those of the competition. Watch for future developments from Qinside where, after the upcoming Light & Building exhibition in Frankfurt, they will be working on EVOline products that employ the latest in Qi wireless technology.

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