Qi1015- 15 Watts Midpower Wireless Charger

Are you looking for a wireless charging solution that supports up to 15 watts charging power?

Qi1015 - 15 Watts Midpower - A wireless charging device built into any kind of furniture in both home and office. This 15 watts wireless charging device is three times faster than 5 Watts generation wireless chargers and can be used to charge gadgets like iPods, Smart Phones, Cameras among others electronic devices.

It is easy to install into a wide variety of furniture via professional or home project. Of course it can even be installed into new furniture and shipped ready to go straight from the manufacturer!

Self-installation is very easy and requires no special skills or tools. Simply bore a hole, to device specification, into the furniture you want to transform. Then place the Qi1015 into the space and if you like cover it up with our Cover Kit.


  • Easy installation
  • Can be installed into new or a wide variety of existing furniture
  • Radiation free
  • User friendly
  • Ready for use straight from the box

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  • Qi1015 furniture charger
  • Qi1015 furniture charger
  • Qi1015 furniture charger
  • Qi1015 furniture charger
Ways of use

This advanced wireless charging device can easily be installed into a new or an existing furniture, it is applicable in different kind of environments like offices and anywhere at home including kitchen. This device can be invisibly integrated into new furniture or easily built in to existing furnishings, the process can be carried out by furniture manufacturer or just do it by yourself.

Seamlessly Integrated Wireless Charging Station Qi1001 15 Watts

how to seamless integrate a wireless charging station in to furniture

Integration by furniture manufacturer

Your Qi wireless charging table will come ready to go straight from the furniture manufacture.

The Qi1015 wireless charging station it is usually embedded by milling a standard hole (80 mm diameter) into the inside or bottom of the inductive charging table. The installation will be carried out by the furniture manufacturer and the customer receives the finished product with the already built-in multiple device wireless charging station. Whenever you place any gadget with a wireless charging module incorporated (Qi and PMA) on the table will commence charging on the spot.

Retrofitting into existing furniture

how to easy retrofit a wireless charging station into existing furniture

Installation via home or professional project.

It can also be easily done by yourself!

This process can be carried out by a professional or by yourself, mill a hole into the furniture’s surface for easy retrofitting the qi compliant wireless charging device into existing furniture (standard hole should be 80 mm in diameter).

Tecnical data

  • Inner-Ø: 79 mm
  • Height: 15,5 mm
  • DC In: 19 V
  • Power: 15W
  • Parts: Charging Station Qi1015, power supply, mounting parts, setup guid
  • Warranty: 1 year


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