Apple Lags Behind Competition – Avoiding Wireless

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Apple Lags Behind Competition – Avoiding Wireless

It’s no question that wireless technology is on the rise. It can be found all over the place these days, and especially in mobile platform electronics. The Samsung Galaxy 6 and S6 Edge smartphones have it, and Windows certainly supports it. So, it comes as a surprise to many that Apple – pioneers of mobile devices such as the iPod and creators of the Smartphone – are behind in the game. Not only was their 2014 iPhone 6S lacking wireless technology, but their more recently released Apple Watch also lacks what is quickly becoming a basic technology.

As of April, 2015 Apple has claimed via their website to be seeking to hire a Senior Charging Design Engineer. The job search statement is as follows, “The position primarily involves advance wireless charging and DC-DC power design for Apple’s next generation mobile platforms.” It continues with a core requirement being, “Candidate must possess deep knowledge of wireless charging standards.”

Based on the post, it is possible Apple may finally be looking to join in on the benefits of wireless charging technology. That being said, they are starting from quite a ways behind. To this day, Apple consumers are still tethered their by charging cords and most devices require daily charging via this method.

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