The Future Begins in South Tyrol - Ikea vs. QInside

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The Future Begins in South Tyrol - Ikea vs. QInside

Whatever the Swedish furniture giant can do, the South Tyrolean David Nitz Engineering has already been doing for a long time: furniture equipped to wirelessly charge smartphones.

Last week it was reported around the world that Ikea is the first major furniture manufacturer to incorporate charging stations into their furniture. However, over the last 3 years, the Brixen based specialist furniture manufacturer has reserved several rights for this technology.

Not only that but when Ikea made this announcement, Nitz engineering had already implemented this technology in places such as airports in Frankfurt and Paris, the Adidas store in Milan and at Verizon in South Carolina to name just a few. Nitz Engineering’s solution is used in more than 50 countries. Moreover, the wireless charging station Qi1001 is available from all major German kitchen manufacturers.

“As a high-tech company in the furniture sector, we are constantly looking for new innovations for our customers” says Rüdiger Nitz, the company’s CEO. Three years ago he and his team looked for and found a furniture solution. Last year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the development by Nitz Engineering was names one of the “ten most promising and coolest gadgets” by Germany’s biggest computer magazine “Computer Bild”.

The batteries for mobile devices often don’t last longer than a day. In the future people will need to be able to charge their phones quickly no matter where they are. Therefore any kind of charger built in to furniture is a promising solution. “Today hotels, libraries and bars all offer Wifi connectivity, tomorrow it will be Qi technology that will be found everywhere” says Nitz. The Qi standard represents wireless charging and is currently supported by more than 80 smartphones with new ones being added every week for example: the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

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